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Best Fitness Tracker for Swimming

Looking for the best fitness tracker for swimming is sometimes very challenging. So many options are on the market, and they come at the different prices. In order to find the most affordable and most effective fitness tracker, you need to make a deep research and choose the best option. We did the job for you. In this article, you’ll find out which tracker will be the best for swimming, especially if you like more complex features. Here are our recommendations.

A Buyer’s Guide

When searching for the swimming tracker, you need to pay attention to the few details. The tracking of the things like how long you swim and how many laps you have to make are the basic features, but there are also other elements you need to consider. Pay attention to:

• ATM capacity
• Stroke count
• SWOLF score

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Garmin Swim Watch


A new Sport Watch was?announced?by Garmin. Please note, that it’s not a GPS watch. It was made with the?swimmers?in mind and it can also be taken for scuba?diving?adventures (50m). It detects stroke type, keeps track of distance and provide advance training features. Like a good watch, it consists of?replaceable?battery. It is recommended to change the battery once a year.


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