Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Series Review

Multisport GPS Smartwatch Fenix 5 Plus
Garmin Fenix 5 Plus

To be able to jog in peace, it is always better to know your heart rate in real time. For this, there are several solutions, most of which require the assistance of a doctor. Some devices that can measure heart rate can be used either, but are usually heavy and bulky. However, for walking or jogging, it is always better to be as light as possible. Hence, the need to use a Garmin, Fenix 5 Plus.

Main characteristics

Elegant and functional design

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus
Garmin Fenix 5 Plus

The high-resolution 2.5-inch display of this GPS watch clearly displays all the information and data you need to run and increase in performance or endurance. The model tells you, for example, the time taken on each race, the kilometers traveled, and your speed. And if you have trouble getting up in the morning to do your exercises, all you have to do is activate your alarm.

With this model of precision, one can expect to quickly rise in performance. The speed, the number of steps taken per minute, all this makes it possible to be better compared to his achieved records, the adjustments and adjustments to bring and the objectives to be fixed. And every time you’ve outdone yourself, that you’ve done better than the last few times, Garmin will identify it.

In terms of design, the accessory is 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.2 cm in size, in length in width and height, adjusts to the number of wrist turns, men and women combined. Its black / red color, considered neutral, also goes to both sexes.

Connection and synchronization

Multisport GPS Smartwatch
Garmin Fenix 5 Plus

If you are a whole group to train, you can share your scores and experiences on social networks through pre-registration via the Internet. The latter captures well enough and quickly the GPS signal.
And then, it’s always better to train with others. We progress faster, when we compete and when we harvest the encouragement of his relatives, even at a distance. Everyone can then evolve on his side and compare, learn from each other without any constraint.
In order to save you time from sending your videos to the Internet each time, Garmin can download them automatically.

Effective data collection

The Garmin, Fenix 5 Plus can collect a lot of data. Aside from its primary function of giving our heart rate, this cardio watch model also provides other data such as the distance we have traveled or the length of a break we made during the day. And of course, like any watch that respects itself, the time is also displayed on the screen.
But the data collection efficiency of this cardio watch does not stay there. It can also connect with computers to transmit the data it has collected. This connectivity allows a real advance in our sport practice. Once on the computer, the data can be processed more efficiently. And this broader view of our performance will allow us to make some adjustments and optimize our efforts to achieve better results.

Unique design

Multisport GPS Smartwatch
Garmin Fenix 5 Plus

Although it is a watch designed to collect data that is technical, designers have not neglected the fact that it is still an accessory that is put on our wrist. It is therefore essential that it has a special and admirable look so that it can bring us a little splendor.
As we know, cardio watches are modern accessories and the design of Garmin, Fenix 5 Plus respects this modernity very well. Its round and smooth appearance embodies our time. In addition, it is available in several colors, so we only have to choose what best reflects our personality. Nowadays, sports accessories are more and more stylish, and it’s no wonder the Garmin, Fenix 5 Plus watch has followed this trend.


Variety of functions: The device shows the heart rate, distance, pace, calories burned and sleep which are important data to know your health.

Good autonomy: Its autonomy lasts 15 hours if the device is used as GPS and 9 days if it is used as a watch. You can use it even in places without electricity for a long time.

Connected functions: In addition to the basic options, this model allows you to automatically download data to Garmin Connect or to have Smart Notifications for optimal use of the information it records.


Decrease in performance over time: There are some in whom the performance of the cardio sensor has decreased after 6 months.

How to choose a good sports watch?

Buying a sports watch is a real investment because it is a watch that can replace a coach at a certain level; a smart watch so and that must be well developed. Then, in order to help you find the right sports watch we have developed this buying guide for the best sports watches. So with our tips, it will be easier to choose a model that will satisfy you.

Purchase guide

An accurate and reliable display

Also find your cardio watch by the features it embeds. The more features it offers, the more convenient and reliable it is. You will immediately notice several buttons on the sides. A cardio watch worthy of the name should offer at least the display of your heart rate in real time, a system for memorizing your cardiac data and the display of the amount of calories you have burned.

A good cardio watch is even more essential if you are an athlete or an athlete, professional or amateur. But how can you buy a cardio watch that is better value for money when you are used to wearing a classic watch with no particularity? The first criterion to pay attention to is the effectiveness of the watch. Indeed, the cardio watch has its usefulness in its ability to detect, measure and display your heart rate, regardless of your movement, walking or running. The accessory is reliable when it is more sensitive to your pulse and it communicates to you within 10 seconds.

Another advice from our price comparator: opt for a multisport watch if you are an athlete. This will allow you to enjoy all the features offered, whatever your main activity.

The comfort of a sports watch

To buy a good cardio watch, you should also consider the comfort and tightness of it . In fact, it will no longer be just a matter of measuring your heart rate and managing it as you train. It’s all about your well-being. That you feel good and comfortable throughout your exercises is the most important.

What’s the use of wearing a wrist watch? This will increase your stress and distort the results that the cardio watch is supposed to reveal to you. One of the features that should not be overlooked is the material from which the watch was designed, whether your skin tolerates it or not. A good seal and resistance to moisture is a big plus for an ideal sports watch.

A design that suits you

But what is an accessory of clothing without charm! A cardio watch helps you to keep track of your heart rate and your training progress. She also has interest in being nice to see. If it’s just for your personal pleasure, you’ll train in public, whether in a gym or outdoors.

There will be eyes on you, it’s all about seeing yourself with stylish sports equipment when you’re going to check your pulse on your cardio watch. Where to buy a new cardio watch? The market offers a diverse range of sports watches currently. It’s up to you to choose the one that gives you “zero” discomfort. Your training and your competitions will go well.

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