Best Fitness Tracker for Swimming

Looking for the best fitness tracker for swimming is sometimes very challenging. So many options are on the market, and they come at the different prices. In order to find the most affordable and most effective fitness tracker, you need to make a deep research and choose the best option. We did the job for you. In this article, you’ll find out which tracker will be the best for swimming, especially if you like more complex features. Here are our recommendations.

A Buyer’s Guide

When searching for the swimming tracker, you need to pay attention to the few details. The tracking of the things like how long you swim and how many laps you have to make are the basic features, but there are also other elements you need to consider. Pay attention to:

• ATM capacity
• Stroke count
• SWOLF score

As the first thing that makes a difference, we need to talk about ATM capacity. If you find the rating that is more than 1, it is a good choice. In most situations, you’ll find trackers with 5 or more ATM rating, and that is a good sign of quality.

For more demanding users, you definitely need to consider stroke count. It is very important to know how many strokes you make in a certain lap, which is reliable information for most users. Stroke count facts are very important in pool swimming where the swimming can be tracked in a more effective manner. At the same time, with the trackers that count strokes, it will be easier to count your overall workout form.

SWOLF is an abbreviation for swimming efficiency indicator, which measures the overall performance combined with other features. You can see how much you progress and how many laps will be ideal to make. SWOLF is not a usual feature in trackers, but it could be one of the most important solutions for the future progress.

Beside these features, pay attention to other things like heart rate monitor and overall calories burned. With combination of all these factors, you’ll know how to adjust the workout session in order to get the best results.

If you are a regular user, all the mentioned features will be very helpful, as you can see how to make your swimming more effective. Consider the trackers with all these features. In the next part, you’ll see which trackers are the best options to consider.

Best Fitness Trackers for Swimming

Swimovate Poolmate Live

This watch is one of the best ones you can find in the lower price range. At the same time, it is very durable and reliable, since it provides options like distance measurement, calories burned, stroke rate and rest time. All of these features come in likable design, so you can get both the function and quality design. You can easily see all the features in this video

If you want to have GPS tracker, this watch doesn’t provide it, but it will offer some other very good features if you like open water swimming, You’ll always know the distance and the overall intensity of swimming which will be very useful on open waters.

Key Features:

• 12 months battery life
• Connectivity to PC
• Efficiency measurement
• Vibrating alarm for laps, distance and time

Tom Tom Multi Sport GPS

Tom Tom is well known for quality watches, and this one is no exception. Here, we have an option to see GPS capability in the full range. No matter how long you swim or how far you go, this GPS tracker will let you know where you are and what distance you made. At the same time, you have SWOLF score that is very powerful in this watch.

If you are a lover of functionality, you’ll find it in this watch. The stroke count and calories burned are here to give you more information about your progress, while the heart rate sensor follows your heart rate in every moment. While taking into account all these features, we need to consider this watch next time when we need the best fitness tracker for swimming.

Key Features:

• GPS tracker
• Heart rate monitor
• 5 ATM
• Also good for running and cycling

Garmin Vivoactive

This watch has it all. That’s why we include it in this list. Multiple features make it a good solution when you need a reliable swimming tracker, and that is not the only thing. It also comes at the good price, when we consider all the functional characteristics it has. The watch has built-in GPS, high-resolution touchscreen and very useful distance measurement.

In addition, you get stroke count, SWOLF score and calories measurement. It has everything you need from a fitness tracker. Moreover, it comes with interesting design, so you’ll be informed wherever you go. Beside the features, we need to mention the reputation of the Garmin manufacturer. All their watches are well-known as quality products, and we have another good shot with this Garmin Vivoactive watch.

Key Features:

• Number of lanes
• 5 ATM
• Distance measurement
• Stroke count

As you can see, all these watches have something special that is helpful during swimming. But, not only swimming is important here. All these watches are also functional for other sport activities, like running, cycling or walking. If you are a lover of different sports, the mentioned watches will serve as great companions.

Final Verdict

Getting the best fitness tracker for swimming is easier now when you have a proper guide. It is important to find the watch at an affordable price that will meet the quality criteria. For that reason, look for the solutions we offered and find the proper watch that will be ideal for you.

Swimming is much easier with the right tracker. We can measure all the relevant facts during the activity and that could be very helpful. You will find out how you progress and how long you need to work out in order to overcome your limits. A right tracker will let you know about all these important facts. Choose the best fitness tracker for swimming and discover a new way of workout. The tracking is easier with the good companion.