WAZE vs Google Maps

Waze or Google Maps: Which One Is Better?

Looking for a fast and effective app to get to your destination easier? You are at the right place. In this article, we try to reveal all the advantages and disadvantages of the two most popular navigation apps, Waze and Google Maps. Both are equally popular, but not equally designed. One is simply better for certain occasions, while another one adds more confidence in some other conditions. Find out which app to choose in your specific case and what exactly makes them different.

What is the main difference between Waze and Google Maps?

The answer in one word would be – community connections. Waze is simply made for this, while Google Maps are not very effective in this case. Will you be satisfied if an app notifies you about possible road reconstructions, or police cars near you, or any other actual sign that is real-time and current? There’s no better app than Waze in this case. You’ll be promptly informed about all actual situations on the road, so your ride will be much more effective. This is possible thanks to commuting that gathers all information from different drivers around you. All those who have Waze will be able to let you know about the relevant facts of the road you are driving on. This makes Waze more accurate and suitable for drivers who want to know all about the environment around. We all want it, right? With Waze, it is more simple.

On the other hand, if you are a driver and occasional hiker or cycler, Google Maps might be a smart choice. Why? It is more suitable for alternative road users. No matter if you want to go by walk or take a bike, Google Maps will help you orientate better. You’ll easily find alternative walking distances that lead you to your destination, all in a matter of few seconds. There’s no road that is not found by Google Maps. Unless it is some wild forest you don’t want to pass through in the middle of the night. Google Maps won’t give you that suggestion. Fortunately! But what gives you is more than effective. Google Maps will lead you to any official road, and when you decide to leave the car at home and go by bus or train, the solutions are numerous. Bus stops and train stops are equally marked and you’ll the find your way to the desired destination.

Which app is more accurate?

We can say both apps are equally accurate, but in a different way. While Waze will let you know about all real-time notifications on the road, Google Maps will lead you to more official and well-known roads in a matter of few seconds. According to that, we can say Waze is good for know-it-all users, while Google Maps are more suited for old-fashioned drivers who want to stick to well-known roads and regular routes. We also need to mention that Waze is full of notifications, which is quite normal since the app is designed for real-time accuracy. Therefore, you’ll see many news and notifications on the screen, even if you don’t feel like you need them all. Some of them will be truly distractive and useless. However, this won’t be a problem for some who like this kind of real-time news. They’ll find it informative.

Will Waze or Google Maps help me get faster to my destination?

In the video we watched here, the answer to this question is – Waze. It will lead you to the alternative roads that are not always the most popular. This way, you’ll avoid traffic jams and heavy traffic on the road. Once you are out on some alternative road, the destination is much closer. Let’s be clear here. We don’t mean inaccessible roads through some dangerous places. We speak about official roads that are simply less affected by the official traffic. That’s why you’ll be right there where you want to be in less time. Waze will lead you through the maps that bring faster alternatives and more manageable roads. Check the video to see what we’re talking about.

What are the pros and cons of the each app?

For making the things easier, we made a few points for each app, so you can get a full insight into Waze and Google Maps.

Waze pros:

• Connected community
• Users alert each other on the road
• Better for alternative routes
• More accurate in real-time drive

Waze cons:

• Too many notifications pop up
• No premium version

Once we know more about Waze, we can make a few points on Google Maps, so you can see the difference.

Google Maps pros:

• Better for walking and bicycling
• Bus and train stops are more accurate
• Widely used by taxi drivers
• More suitable for official roads and routes

Google Maps cons:

• The fastest routes are not always the fastest
• No real-time notifications from other drivers

Final Verdict

As you can see, both apps have some ups and downs, but one thing is certain. Each of them serves the specific purpose. If you are a fan of alternative (and faster) routes, you are good to go with Waze, since the app provides better roads for getting to a destination in a faster way. It is especially helpful for those people who spend much time driving. If you are one of them, you’ll be pleased to see much information about the road, and all of that is possible thanks to good connection among the app users.

On the other hand, if you are a fan of official places and most popular spots on official roads, you’ll be happy to use Google Maps. You’ll find those McDonald’s’ spots on the way home, as well as gas stations and all special places around. When you go by walk or when you take a bike, it is better to use Google Maps, since the app delivers all the relevant routes. Choose the app which suits your habits in a better way. Both of them are quality and effective in different segments, so your journey will certainly be more convenient.

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