Sygic vs Google Maps – Which One is Better for Thailand?

Even though a smartphone is an ever-present GPS gadget just waiting for your beck and call, its guidance is only as good as the navigation application you have installed. There are uncountable mapping apps, both paid and free to choose from. These mapping applications can not only show you nearby points of interest but also guide you to different locations, track your location in real-time, and even keep you updated about traffic in some cities. This “Sygic vs Google Maps” expert comparison article will disclose to you which navigation app is better for Thailand.

Sygic vs Google Maps – Which One is Better for Thailand?


Sygic vs Google Maps
Sygic vs Google Maps

Sygic vs Google MapsSygic vs Google Maps










1. Sygic

Sygic is one of the few navigation apps that exclusively uses GPS-signals, with no need for internet connectivity. It comes with amazing features like the places of interest, house number search, geo-tagging of images, city guide, sign post information, and much more. What’s more? The app also provides speed limit audio warnings to help you navigate safely.



  • Offline Navigation: If you do not have access to cell reception or Wi-Fi when traveling, offline navigation is vital for figuring out where you are or scoping out a route. It is also essential when you do not want to finish all of your monthly data allocation. Unlike Google Maps which requires a big storage space to download offline maps, Sygic offers optimized data download sizes to give users access to offline maps while using the minimal amount of data and storage space on their devices.
  • Up to Date and Detailed Commercial Map Data: Since Sygic utilizes commercial data for its maps, it has more up-to-date map data with better coverage.
  • Lane Guidance: Sygic comes with visual lane guidance to improve your comfort and safety.
  • Multiple Plans: Sygic comes in different versions including free/basic, premium, and premium+ traffic.
  • Excellent Address Data: Sygic can locate addresses perfectly without external data. What’s more? It offers all the data required for turn-by-turn navigation and complete street coverage.
  • Perfect Display: Sygic comes with excellent display capabilities like 3D terrain for easy interpretation and orientation.



  • Sygic vs Google MapsUpdates Require Running the App: After installing updates from Play Store, you must run the app once to download all the offline maps again.
  • The voice directions and instructions can be confusing.
  • Pricy: While you may download the Sygic app and start using it for free instantly, it won’t be long before you are required to part with money. The full set of Sygic maps comes priced at $139.99. Individual features also cost cash while others need annual subscriptions.
  • Poor Map Viewing: Even though viewing maps in 2D is possible, Sygic populates the map with POI icons which often detract from street names.


2. Google Maps

A majority of people in Thailand prefer Google Maps because it is not only free but also offers accurate directions. Google Maps cover more than 221 territories and countries. Apart from offering voice-controlled GPS navigation for driving, biking or walking, Google Maps also offer transit maps and directions for over 15,000 cities and towns. The handiest feature of this top-notch navigation app is the live traffic feature. This feature not only offers automatic rerouting but also street view, incident reports, and indoor real-time imagery for museums, restaurants, and much more.



  • You can download offline maps for some parts of cities, but not for countries or states like Sygic.
  • It requires constant data connectivity to function properly.
  • Accurate mapping.
  • It is easy to follow the voice navigation.
  • Easy to save locations thanks to the save location feature.
  • Ideal for night driving or when going through tunnels because the navigation background changes based on the ambient light.
  • Easy to integrate with other services like the stock Apple Maps application.



  • It cannot reroute without an internet connection.
  • Saved locations have no visible labels and need an internet connection to work.
  • A lot of data is required to download offline maps compared to Sygic.
  • It sometimes takes long to load.
  • Since it does not come with the ability to download all the map data to your device, It only allows you to store a specific map area for a limited period of time.


Final Thoughts

Most people in Thailand prefer Google Maps over Sygic because it is not only free but also offers an excellent online mapping solution for day to day navigation. In fact, the Google Maps app is ranked the first Android navigation application globally while Sygic appears in the 6th position. However, if you are searching for a dependable online and offline navigation app in Thailand, look no further than Sygic. The Sygic app comes with high-quality navigation maps with optional traffic and real-time road notifications. These features not only allow navigators to avoid delays but also to find the fastest routes available.

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  1. What do you think folks? I find google as all I need (when I drive a small car). At first very hesitant. When I was in Europe, I used a lot of TomTom. I guess it is because I used to dedicated software for GPS navigation. And I like TomTom. But Google does its job. It may be a different story when you drive a truck. But then, even a standard TomTom on iPhone won’t help. I was driving a truck for a few months in Europe. I was using iGO Primo and TomTom most of the times. Occasionally Google as a rescue. None of them was perfect. But…it was perfect composition, I learn to find the “middle way” between TomTom and iGO.

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