Garmin MARQ Series Hands-On

A wristwatch can make you stand out in crowds. Beautifully designed watches ooze class and sophistication. On that account, Garmin has you covered. The company has been in existence since 1989. It is reputable for making authentic wrist watches. During its 30th anniversary in the market, Garmin MARQ Series was launched. The collection has five major products.

They are MARQ Athlete, MARQ Driver, MARQ Captain, MARQ Aviator, and MARQ Expedition. Watches serve different people. With a GPS attached to it, they are uniquely crafted. Watch lovers, therefore, have something to smile about. Smart watches that have magnificent features are available in the market. Read on to know more about the Garmin MARQ watches.

Audience and the Prices

Each of the five watches has a specific target audience. Their prices are also varied depending on the make. MARQ Driver is suited for racing drivers. It is the most expensive out of the five. You have to dig deep into your pocket to buy it $2,500. As for MARQ Captain, it is specially designed for sailors. Those who engage in marine activities will find it beneficial to buy the watch. It costs $1,850.

MARQ Athlete is meant for athletes. Those in the sports profession have the chance to try out the amazing wristwatch. Priced at $1,500 the Athlete requires the lowest budget for your new toy.
On to the MARQ Aviator which serves pilots best. At a price of $1,950 people in the aviation industry have a lot to enjoy.

Finally, MAEQ Expedition matches adventure lovers. This includes hikers and those who generally relish expeditions as the name suggests. It will cost you $1,750 to purchase and wear this piece of work.

Design and Make

The wrist watches have some common features in their construction. They all have a titanium case which is grade 2. The case is 46 millimeters wide in its dimension. Battery life lasts for 12 days if it is only in watch mode. If the GPS is on then it will serve you for 28 hours. With Ultra Trac GPS, the wrist watches batteries last for 48 hours. Aviator, Driver and Captain Garmin MARQ watches have a ceramic bezel. This is the sturdiest material that keeps the watches durable.

The software also consists of similar characteristics. They have maps of the place the wristwatch was bought geographically. Safety alert and indecent detection features are also found across all of them. A variety of sports for example swim/bike/run/golf/ski are among the items. They also contain Garmin Pay which is a contactless payment option which is convenient at all times. Another common feature is the Spotify offline music playback great for listening to sounds without an internet connection.

A list of global ski resort runs and golf courses are part of the software in the wrist watches. The luxurious watches have a sophisticated user interface and Garmin ELEVATE optical HR sensor. The package comes with some benefits such as a two-year warranty. Other services offered are for the smartwatches are battery replacement and parts serviceability for 5 years.

Unique Features

The MARQ Garmin watches each have their distinct features. MARQ Athlete is the new version of Garmin Fenix 5 plus watches. The captain is originally from Quatix. Aviator follows the roots of D2 series. Driver and Expedition are brand new versions. The next section expounds each of their attributes.

1. MARQ Athlete

The fitness watch has one silicone rubber strap which is comfortable when hot. Since it follows the steps of Fenix 5, it has a better sensor. The heart rate monitor has been improved to show accurate and consistent V02 Max readings. Its face is domed with sapphire crystals that maintain the durability of the watch. The screen is magnificent to look at with a dim light on it. It’s not too bright that would damage your eyes.

2. MARQ Aviator

Its design is eye-catching with the three-link titanium strap. It is therefore long-lasting with an attractive look. The watch has a databank of all the airports globally. It stores all the necessary data needed by pilots ( During emergencies, the pilot can alert the concerned authorities with a touch button through Flight Stream 510.

3. MARQ Captain

The wristwatch connects to marines to check on the conditions. It also navigates automatically when linked to the nautical equipment. Anchor alarms and tack assist modes are activated with connection to GHC 20. Other features are the present weather watch face plus a certain home point. There is a blue Regatta timer that has bezel markings with start/stop hotkey and GPS location. The Jacquard Weave strap accentuates its stunning look.

4. MARQ Driver

The original wrist watch has over 260 preloaded race tracks. It also stores the last race summary for reference. It has a race application and a track timer to monitor the race. The watch has a virtual pit wall and lap time repeatability score so that you can know your consistency. The auto-lap splits to measure performance. Live delta time feature also helps the owner check on the race at hand.

5. MARQ Expedition

The strap is Italian vacchetta leather. It is comfortable to wear and guarantees durability. The look is also incredible. The Expedition application allows for mapping for 4 weeks. The orienting lock characteristic enables a heading lock within the map using a start button. You can receive messages all over the globe using the feature.


The Garmin MARQ Series is appealing to the audience. First, it is because of the well-designed parts. The straps are extraordinary with different origins. They can last you a lifetime. This way, when you decide to buy one of them, you are aware of the strength it has.

The exceptional materials used to make them are what will draw you to the works of art. The performance and the polished looks will entice you to pick one. The features will give you an amazing time. Each of them is outstanding in its own way. The GPS locators add to the high-grade wrist watches.

YouTube videos

Below are some YouTube videos that have images about the watches explaining the features and prices.