Garmin Instinct review

How good is Garmin Instinct

Garmin Instinct review

When it comes to stylish watches for sports personality, Garmin Instinct leads the way. Garmin Instinct is your latest wingman for adventure and other sports. If you are an outdoor sports enthusiast, it is time to consider this brand new Garmin watch which comes with cutting-edge technology to meet all your needs in sports. In fact, this GPS reliable wrist-watch is designed specifically for anyone participating in outdoor activities. The watch is a product of Garmin’s Outdoor division specializing in various hiking or mountain focused devices. But are the key features that make Garmin Instinct the ultimate choice for you when working out or taking part in any outdoor activities?

Special features

Garmin Instinct has many features that make it stand out from the rest. You can learn more about these features by watching this video:

Key features of Garmin Instinct:

Navigation system

Garmin Instinct is equipped with the state-of-art technology to help you in navigation. The watch has features such as barometric altimeter to help you in knowing your current altitude. Also, this watch is designed with a global navigation satellite system which includes the Global Positioning System (GPS) Galileo and GLONASS.

With the three features, you can be sure of taking your hiking or mountain climbing anywhere in the world without any fear of losing your direction or your location. Additionally, the trackback feature in Garmin Instinct is instrumental in setting “digital Breadcrumbs” while traveling and can help you in taking your back-bearing to the starting point.

The heart rate sensor

The Garmin Instinct is designed with a heart rate sensor to monitor your heart condition. The sensor helps you in checking the number of calories burned, level of stress (this is measured and determined by your heart rate variability) and your sleep. However, the heart rate sensor, which is located at the back of the watch, monitors and records your heart rate throughout at each second interval. Information obtained is transmitted to your smartphone via an app to enable you to view all the daily trends. But the sensor is more useful when you are working out.

Sports usage

For the sports, the Garmin instinct can only be compared to Vivoactive 3 where it carries almost all the sports modes excluding golf. By using the optical heart rate sensor located on its back, this watch can be connected to the external heart rate sensor and cycling speed or cadence sensors to monitor your progress while cycling.

Apart from that, the sports mode on the watch gives you various options to choose from by just tapping the button on the upper hand side of the device. In general, there are 28 sports modes that cover a wide range of sports.

Garmin Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch GPS, Features GLONASS Galileo, Heart Rate Monitoring 3-axis Compass, Graphite

Design and built

The Garmin Instinct’s cover is made of a polymer material which makes it durable. The entire casing is built to military specifications for shock, thermal and water resistance. In fact, the watch is designed to keep on ticking even if it takes a licking.

Another advantage of using the polymer material for the housing is the weight issue. This material makes the watch lighter than the rest of Garmin brands of sports watches.

Garmin Instinct Design

Garmin Instinct is available in various colors which include Graphite, Flame Red and Tundra to suit different tastes of users.

Essentially, the watch has different watch faces at your disposal with a scratch-proof display which is super simple to read in any weather conditions.

Live Track

Garmin Instinct provides you with a Live Track feature that allows you to invite people online so they may view your location and statistics pertaining to your activities in a given area. In essence, this feature can serve you as a good safety measure especially when you are on your hiking mission.


Garmin Instinct Heart Rate Sensor

You can connect Garmin Instinct to your smartphone via the Bluetooth to help you monitor your outdoor activities. Besides, the Bluetooth connectivity is important in ensuring that you receive notification through text messages and alerts from your phone. You can receive or make calls using the watch through this connection.

The battery life

The battery life for the Garmin Instinct cannot disappoint you. When using it on the regular basis, the battery can last up to 16 hours when the watch is in the GPS mode. Alternatively, it can go up to 40 hours when you change the watch to ultra track mode for the GPS. This observation is important for you if you want a reliable and rugged GPS wrist watch for the outdoor activities

Built-in features of Garmin Instinct

● Timer

● Stopwatch

● Storm alert

● Global Positioning System(GPS)

● Sun/sunset


● Galileo

● Barometric altimeter

● Garmin elevate wrist sensor for the monitoring the heart rate

● Thermometer

● Accelerometer

● Calendar

● Smart notification

● Weather

● Control smartphone music

● VIRB camera remote

● Find phone/find watch

● Support for the Garmin Instinct connects application


Garmin Instinct is compatible with a number of devices. Through this watch, you can access and control VIRB-Ultra-30 action camera. You can initiate or stop action on the camera by just touching the button on the watch to record every part of your adventures. In addition to that, the watch can be paired with the inReach-Mini Satellite communicator to enable you to send preset messages or type a message directly from your watch with the assistance of the satellite communication capability. Other devices which are compatible with Instinct are Garmin Astro and Alpha, Garmin Connect and other products of the Garmin Ecosystem.

Who is the Garmin Instinct for?

The Instinct watch is built fornanyone who takes pride in outdoor activities especially sportsmen. The watch can also be used by firefighters and those in the military due to its top quality features.

Pros and cons


● It has the best features that make it work perfectly

● Durable

● Lightweight

● Small in size but very powerful


● It is costly

Final Verdict

Garmin Instinct is the latest model of watches that come with extra features that make it more powerful and a great
choice for those who love adventure and sports. Even though it is a bit costly, its quality and functional ability are worth the price tag.

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Garmin Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch GPS, Features GLONASS Galileo, Heart Rate Monitoring 3-axis Compass, Graphite