WBT-202 NEW Data Logger with Bluetooth, Supports GPS & GALILEO

New product announcement: Data Logger WBT-202 with super sensitive chipset and MicroSD memory card!!!

WBT-202Wintec WBT-202 includes all features of WBT-201, and based on the latest u-blox 5 GPS & GALILEO chipset.? It supports not only inbuilt backup memory but also Micro-SD card to supply huge memory to log travel records for more than 1 year continuous operation.? Also, its inbuilt software (WBT_Tool), plug and play, is much more user-friendly.

  • u-blox5 high performance chipset designed for fast and accurate fix on GPS signals.
  • Low power consumption for 28 hours continuous operation.
  • Plug and Play without installation of any driver or software.
  • Auto-show track on Google Maps without any further operation.
  • Support Micro-SD card with huge memory for logging.
  • Support inbuilt backup memory (260,000 way-points).
  • Firmware upgradeable via PC.
  • WBT_Tool (the inbuilt software) supports following:
    • Log Reading.
    • Log Transferring.
    • synchronize track logs and photos
    • Geo-tagging.
    • Track Analytic Report.

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