Video Sync Capability Announced For Labsat GPS Simulator

(Buckingham, UK) Since its release in March, the new LabSat has already made a mark on the GPS Simulator market, with uptake from a number of large GPS product manufacturers looking for realistic and repeatable testing.
Development has continued at the same pace, and Racelogic have now announced a new capability for LabSat in the form of video synchronisation.

Using a Racelogic Video VBOX, a GPS data logger used by automotive and motorsports professionals, it is now possible to record live video and then replay it, synchronised with the LabSat data.

This is possible because the internal GPS engine in Video VBOX time stamps the video, enabling the RF data to be perfectly synchronised, with the GPS data graphically superimposed on the image during recording.

For developers, this means multi-camera video can be recorded of their test route alongside the GPS RF data, and played back in sync, with a real time graphic overlay.

This gives a unique visual element to testing, and is ideal for companies developing location based services (LBS) applications. It also enables manufacturers to demonstrate their GPS equipment at exhibitions and in training.

Julian Thomas, Racelogic MD, said yesterday: “To see the video, in perfect time with the GPS RF playback, provides engineers with valuable information about the real world conditions encountered during the recording.”