TomTom introduces OpenLR?

OpenLR? has been designed for traffic information systems and dynamic route guidance, and is available as an open-source technology at It can easily be adapted to the requirements of system integrators, and the technical community can contribute with their ideas to improve it.

Location data can range from static road sign information to highly dynamic traffic and weather situation information as well as safety-critical information ? anything that needs to be accurately linked to a specific piece of or position on the road network. The OpenLR? technology allows location content providers to reference any location on any navigable map, completely royalty-free.

?This technological development is being introduced to the open source community to assist in delivering location based services to customers,? says Mark Gretton, TomTom’s Director of Product Engineering. ?TomTom will use this technology for its own services too, allowing us to transmit content like HD Traffic? to connected devices and improve service quality and coverage.?

The technology will be presented and discussed in detail during the ITS World Congress 2009 in Stockholm between 21-25 September.

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