Police: GPS thefts on the rise

Motorists may find themselves lost without it.

Thefts of GPS devices from vehicles are on the rise.

?It?s the new hot item? to steal, said Cmdr. Larry Ward of the Sedalia Police Department. ?One of the reasons is that most of the time they are visible in vehicles and most of the time, it?s been our experience, that the vehicles are unlocked.?
Sedalia officers have been able to recover several stolen devices. Officers were able to identify a stolen device at a pawn shop in Warrensburg using the serial number.

?Anything is more easily recovered with a serial number,? Ward said.
People can protect their property by documenting serial numbers, keeping GPS devices out of view and locking vehicles. Ward said the most important prevention methods are keeping items out of plain sight and locking vehicle doors.

?Then the temptation isn?t there,? he said.

Source: http://www.sedaliademocrat.com/
Picture: Google Images