Over 1 Million Active Geocaches Worldwide!

Over 1 Million Active Geocaches

On Monday, March 8, the number of active geocaches listed on Geocaching.com exceeded the million-cache mark. Congratulations to the geocaching community on this major milestone and thank you for all you have done to create such a wonderful, widespread activity in less than 10 years!

This is not the millionth cache ever hidden, since caches have been archived over the years, but the millionth active cache listing. There is no way to pinpoint who owns the cache, since every time a cache is archived, this changes. Therefore, if you hid a cache on the 8th, the millionth might have been yours at some point during the day!

Here are some interesting facts that show how quickly geocaching has grown in the last couple of years:

– We hit 500,000 active caches on 12/31/2007
– Geocaching.com had 531,000 active caches listed as of 3/3/2008
– There were 741,000 active caches as of 3/3/2009

Source: GeoCaching.com

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