Other uses for a GPS include:

How to use my GPS:

  • Documenting the location of that neat photograph.
  • Doing some amateur surveying.?
  • If you have a combined GPS/cell phone your friends can watch you move around on the internet if you wish.
  • A couple of combined GPS/frs walkie talkies can be used to keep contact and help if one person gets lost.
  • Helps you justify the palm top you wanted to buy.?
  • Instantly find your location on an electronic map.?
  • Figuring out where the cruise ship or airplane is.?
  • Setting your clock.?
  • Teaching your kids about maps, navigation, and geography.

There are plenty of other users as well. These include aviators, hikers, bicyclists, motorcyclists, skiers, joggers, fishermen, hotair balloonists, kayakers, surveyors, astronomers, and lots more.