nuvi 1460 – new Garmin model!!!

NEW!!!? The latest navigator with 5-inch widescreen display and ultra thin design that is 25% slimmer than most of the n?vi models. Garmin introduces the model with whole new user interfaces which feature enlarged fonts and menu that one can slide with fingers to scroll, making it even easier to use.
This full-featured navigator comes preloaded with the newest Thai Map V.10 (Nov., 2009). It gives driver clear guidance on the 5-inch touchscreen that details upcoming turns and specific driving directions, including road sign detail and arrows indicating the proper lane for navigation. ?
With n?vi 1460, you can plan up to 10 routes in advance, making your trip more efficient because the n?vi will automatically sort multiple destinations and calculate the most direct route. In addition, the n?vi will indicate speed limit on major roads and highlight your driving speed in excess of the speed limit. To help drivers adapt to better driving habits, n?vi 1460 also features ecoRoute?. Through ecoRoute??s Fuel Report and Mileage Report, drivers can focus on their fuel conservation and find fuel-saving tips along the way.
Moreover, the n?vi 1460 also has Bluetooth? Wireless Technology that makes it possible to receive and place phone calls from the n?vi*. Simply tap the screen and make hands-free calls to your contacts and points of interest while staying focused on the road.

Price: 17.900,- THB

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