New map update from NOSTRA

GARMIN THAILAND released new map update1

Current map version: 2012.40 (TSM v.2012.40). If I recall it well, that?s the third update this year. There are some rumors that the map updates will be more frequent with NOSTRA than during the last few years. There is no detailed description what?exactly?had been improved. As far as we know general road data and POI had been added.

Tech specs:
Memory requirements for TSM v.2012.40:
Thai language map = 221 MB.
English language map = 204 MB.
Dual map (Thai and English) = 310 MB.

Comparing to the previous version:
Memory requirements for TSM v.2012.30:
Thai language map = 217 MB
English language map = 199 MB
Dual map (Thai and English) = 304 MB