NAVTEQ introduces Natural Guidance

Navteq introduces GPS Natural Guidance

Digital mapping company Navteq has introduced a new navigation system that guides drivers based on the way people naturally give each other directions, with Chicago as one of the initial cities in the launch.

Its new system, called Natural Guidance, gives instructions based on points of interest and landmarks. For example, instead of traditional navigation systems that tell drivers to turn after a certain amount of distance, Natural Guidance instructs users to ?turn right after the yellow shop.?

Chicago-based Navteq provides maps, realtime traffic information and location data to in-dash navigation systems in cars and portable GPS devices, among other Web applications and gadgets.

?Research shows consumers desire more intuitive and practical directions because it is easier to follow and allows the user to keep their eyes on the road,? said Navteq, which is owned by Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia.

The Natural Guidance system is available in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, as well as several European capitals and Delhi, India.