NAVMII Thailand App Review

NAVMII Thailand App

One of the most basic challenges endured by a majority of navigators is the loss of internet connectivity while traveling. Naturally, all online navigation apps are rendered useless when there is no internet connectivity. Only offline navigation apps like NAVMII Thailand app will help you to travel around safely without getting lost when you find yourself in an area without stable cellular connectivity. Just to refresh your memory, the NAVMII Thailand App is a free community based offline navigation software for drivers. As we speak, there are more than 24 million drivers in more than 185 countries globally using the NAVMII offline navigation app. This article will disclose to you everything you need know about the NAVMII Thailand navigation app including its features, pros, and cons.


NAVMII Thailand App: Features

NAVMII GPS Navigation App - Reports
NAVMII GPS Navigation App

The NAVMII Thailand app comes with many top-notch navigation features at your fingertips including live traffic information, voice-guided navigation, driver score, points of interest, and local search. Also, NAVMII gives you the option to report: What’s more? The app features downloadable offline maps for reliable navigation abroad and in Thailand without the need of an internet connection. Here are the Pros and cons of this high-quality offline navigation application.

  • traffic
  • police
  • accidence
  • safety cameras
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  • toad works
  • map errors

What’s more? The app features downloadable offline maps for reliable navigation abroad and in Thailand without the need of an internet connection. Here are the Pros and cons of this high-quality offline navigation application.



  • NAVMII GPS Navigation AppCommunity-Based Reporting: As stated earlier, the NAVMII Thailand app is a free community-based navigation app. As a result, the app features community reporting of road incidents, for instance, road works, traffic, accidents, and much more. These updates keep you adequately informed about all incidences on the road.
  • Voice Navigation: The NAVMII app comes with the turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation feature to give you clear, brief, and up-to-date voice navigation instructions.
  • Driver Score: The NAVMII Thailand app is the only navigation app among a few others that comes with trip and driver scores (reminds me a bit WAZE). What’s more? Analytics are also available!
  • Free Traffic Alerts and Warnings: The NAVMII navigation app also gives you free alerts and warnings including speeding, traffic, safety camera, and hazard alerts to notify you in advance should you find yourself violating any stipulated road rules.
  • Available in Different Languages: The NAVMII Thailand navigation app is available in different languages including English, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish. Thus, it is easy to customize the app according to your favorite language.
  • Offline Navigation: All maps on the NAVMII Thailand app are stored locally for offline use. Because the app comes with the ability to work with GPS only, there is no need of an internet connection.
  • The map is not only detailed but also up to date: The maps are updated regularly by dedicated NAVMII software engineers to capture every location in fine detail.
  • Online and Offline Address Search: Using the NAVMII Thailand navigation app, you can search for any address, whether online or offline. All you have to do is to just type the coordinates or the name of the location and tap the search button. You can also search using the city, Postcode or street.
  • NAVMII GPS Navigation App3D Touch Support. Just press and hold the NAVMII icon to quickly navigate home, locate where you are or search addresses.
  • Location and ETA Sharing: The NAVMII app gives you the freedom to not only share your location with family and friends but also your ETA.
  • Street View: The app comes integrated with Google street view to give you a clear picture of the route you are using.
  • ETA Indicator: The NAVMII navigation app also comes with an ETA indicator to reveal to you the approximate time of arrival to your destination.
  • Automatic Rerouting: As road conditions change, the Automatic Rerouting feature will suggest to you the most convenient routes in order to help you save time and evade tricky road incidences like accidents and traffic congestions.
  • Smart Local Search: The smart local search on the NAVMII app is powered by Foursquare, TripAdvisor, and What3Words.



  • Sometimes the app has a choppy GPS connectivity on some phones. However, when it works, it does an amazing job.
  • You need an internet connection to use the online services.
  • Sometimes the rerouting feature refuses to work when the GPS signal is weak.
  • While using in Thailand the map is displayed in the Thai language.

Final Purport

The NAVMII Thailand app remains one of the best offline navigation application thanks to its stylish and sleek interface coupled with well-groomed elements. The version of the app varies depending on your mobile device. Even though you might face a few minor issues, they are easy to ignore. The app is not only heavily used in Thailand but also in the United Kingdom, India, South Africa, and globally. What’s more? According to the app’s official PEGI rating, it can be used by both adults and children.