MK Digital, more than food

Mr. Rit Teeragomen, committee chairman of MK Restaurant LTD., said that MK was the first business in the restaurant industry to use IT, because the company saw the benefit of IT in reducing the cost and increase customer service. IT had been used in 3 major business departments include GPS technology in transportation, PDA technology in the restaurant operation, and software technology in Point of Sale (P.O.S.).

110 transportation vehicles were the first to be equipped with GPS to control the routes and speed. The result was excellent because the company was able to reduce petrol cost by 10%. The maintenance cost is also reduced, and the drivers had better road manners.

Mr. Rit also said, ?15 years ago the cost of installing the GPS system in the car was about 25,000 Baht which is expensive, but we invested in all our vehicles, costing about 3 million Baht. However, we gained it back in 18 months?.
MK invested in the P.O.S. software in all 300 restaurants, costing 60,000 Baht per restaurant, and hoping to gain it all back in 10 years. But MK is not stopping to bring technology into the business. It is now looking at robotic technology that Thailand is capable to develop, and is now funding a research in a university which is not yet revealed.

Source: Banhkok Business News, 09/09/09