Magellan launches iPhone GPS app, announces car kit

GPS maker Magellan has launched a new iPhone GPS application, RoadMate 2010. Like most such apps, the software provides turn-by-turn navigation, with features like bookmarks, lane guidance and spoken navigation cues. Aspects separating RoadMate include a pedestrian mode, and an associated “find your car” option, which marks a parking place for later return.
The app also displays highway signs and some 3D landmarks as reference points. Travel destinations can be chosen from Address Book contacts, and music can be controlled without exiting to the Home screen. The North American edition currently costs $80, and covers Canada, Puerto Rico and the United States; English, French and Spanish voices are provided, though street names can only be read in English or French.

Magellan has further announced an upcoming car mount kit, which will support both iPhones and iPod touches due to the presence of a built-in GPS receiver. Users will also be able to charge handhelds, hear louder audio, and in the case of the iPhone exploit Bluetooth and speakerphone options. No release date for the kit has been announced, but Touch users will be required to have RoadMate installed for the kit to work.