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Garmin GPS Map 76s “durability test”

GARMIN: “Many people don’t realize that when we’re developing products we put them through extreme test conditions. We drop ’em, dunk ’em, freeze ’em, and heat ’em, and that’s just a few of the tests engineering puts products through. We’re proud that our devices are rugged and can stand up to the challenges our customers give them — even accidental challenges. Here’s a great testimonial sent to the Garmin inbox from Kevin, a satisfied Garmin customer, and his GPSMAP 76s that survived his accidental challenge.”

GPS User: “… currently use a Foretrex 101 and GPSMAP 76S for hiking here in Colorado. I also still have my original Garmin unit (a “GPS 40” from the mid 1990’s). All of these units have performed as advertised, though I never had the opportunity to subject them to a true durability test…until this week.

I often keep the GPSMAP 76S in my vehicle when I travel, and that was the case during the past week when I traveled to Ohio to visit family. Unfortunately I wasn’t very careful with the storage of my GPS on this trip, and didn’t realize that the unit had been knocked out of my car’s door pocket while I was unloading the vehicle at my parent’s house. When I backed out of the driveway a short time later, I immediately felt a solid bump as the front wheel of my vehicle drove squarely over my GPS unit.

I honestly didn’t even realize that I had driven over my GPS unit at the time, and I got out of the car expecting to find that I had run over a brick (or some other equally inconsequential item) in the driveway. I was greatly disappointed when I saw my GPS laying in front of my tire on the pavement. ….”

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Source: Garmin Blog