L-3 modul gets satellite fix in less than 6 seconds

L-3 Interstate Electronics Corporation (IEC) announced today two additional configurations of its miniaturized hardened GPS receiver and one new configuration of its GPS-based guidance & navigation unit (GNU). The new TruTrak Evolution receiver configurations include a 1.75 x 2.45-inch, low-power, high-accuracy design and a 3.07 x 0.93-inch design for projectiles.

Measuring 2.45 inches square, the new TruTrak Evolution GNU configuration includes the receiver and a dual-frequency MCM (TTE-DM) navigation and user-process development platform. TruTrak Evolution units are single board, L1/L2 24-channel secure GPS-based systems that electronically pinpoint exact locations for navigation, guidance and control, and tracking purposes, the company said. The new TruTrak Evolution receivers and GNUs are designed to meet both the performance and low-cost requirements for today?s military applications. All are available in production quantities.

Reduced power consumption is essential, especially in handheld devices. The TruTrak Evolution uses less than three watts in its highest performance operating mode; less than 700 milliwatts in low power mode; and 20 milliwatts on standby.(…)

The GPS Wing approved security design provides a traditional Time-to-First-Fix in less than 6 seconds (no jamming) and obtains stabilized measurements even in high-jamming environments.