Japanese GPS into glasses

GPS into glasses

Personal navigation systems are about to get a lot more personal. Japanese engineers have created a prototype device that places GPS navigation technology into a pair of wearable, seemingly everyday, glasses. (…)
To put the glasses to work on getting you to your destination, you would need to enter your destination using a computer. Once a walking route has been calculated and sent over to the glasses. (…)
The engineers responsible for the glasses at the University of Electro-Communications’ Nakajima Laboratory explained that navigation systems available today have a few problems that this prototype aims to solve. Current GPS devices–such as smartphones–require you to look down at a display while moving, instead of watching where you’re going. With these glasses, you’d be able to look ahead instead of looking down.(…)

Source: http://www.pcworld.com/article/202689/gps_gets_personal_japanese_engineers_build_gps_into_glasses.html?tk=hp_blg