iPhone 3G/3GS free maps for US (?)

NDrive and NAVTEQ offer to all CTIA 2010 visitors a turn-by-turn navigation software with a FULL MAP OF THE US during their visit to the tradeshow. It includes a DELICATE LIST OF CTIA MAIN POI?s* representing the most useful places like parking lots, entrances, exits etc. Valid until the 27th of March.?

*To get CTIA POI?s, start NDrive, go to ?MyNDrive?, then choose ?Communities? and select ?CTIA? for download them to the device. After that they will be available under ?MyNDrive?/?MyFavourites?

Our App turns your iPhone 3G/3GS into A FULLY FUNCTIONING GPS NAVIGATION DEVICE, ready to use in the car, while walking in the city or during outdoor adventures.

All map data is stored on your iPhone so you can NAVIGATE WITHOUT A NEED TO PAY FOR ADDITIONAL DATA DOWNLOADS.

Source: http://appshopper.com/navigation/ndrive-usa-ctia