GPS Tracking Of Seniors, Kids, & Others With Special Needs

eMedi-ID, a franchise business that provides personal medical information to first responders via USB devices on their customers’ keyrings, has just come out with a new device capable of tracking a person’s whereabouts via global positioning satellites (GPS).? The eMed-Trac device is intended for Alzheimer’s patients and others with cognitive disorders, young children, and other who need to be supervised for medical or other reasons.
Through GPS, the eMed-Trac provides positioning information to the family, loved ones, and other care givers of persons who need to be within a certain physical space.? The tracked person carries the eMed-Trac on his or her person and an online portal that can be accessed via Internet.? Various settings can be programmed to set up a “geofence” which alerts the care giver, as well as other pre-identified persons, via text , email, and SOS that the tracked person has left their restricted area.
The eMed-Trac sounds like a very smart device to help keep cognitively impaired persons and youngsters safe and to give the parents, children, and others who care and give care more peace of mind. It is sold as part of a service from eMed-ID.
It’s worth visiting the eMed-ID site to see what programs are available to help you care for your loved ones.
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