GPS shoes can update your position to Facebook, etc.

Be careful of that new pair of shoes the significant other gives you as a Christmas present: they could be used to monitor your location. The latest pair in Isaac Daniel’s spouse-locating footwear–the Compass and Blue GPS shoes–now includes Bluetooth that is capable of talking to a Bluetooth-capable phone.

(…)these shoes could be good for young kids and older teens supposedly in a Science Club meeting after school. Apparently, the footwear can update the wearer’s position on Facebook and other social outlets. To make the user’s whereabouts even less private, the Bluetooth GPS shoes can even text up to five mobile devices.

As reported here by Navigadget, Isaac Daniel’s original GPS shoes used the Covert Alarm Locator to broadcast the user’s location in case of an emergency. As an additional option, the GPS shoes can also monitor the user’s heart rate, body temperature, and speed. The data is sent to a central location via a modem and GSM antenna built into the soles.

As for the new Bluetooth GPS shoes, consumers will need to pay a whopping $150. Currently they’re not on sale ….