GPS IIF-1 in service

GPS IIF-1 – the newest satellite of 31 active in the GPS constellation

Boeing [NYSE: BA] announced that the first of 12 Global Positioning System (GPS) IIF satellites the company is building for the U.S. Air Force has entered service. GPS IIF-1? is the newest member of the active 31-satellite GPS constellation, which provides accurate navigation, positioning and timing information to more than 1 billion military and civilian users around the world. GPS IIF satellites offer new and enhanced capabilities, including a jam-resistant military signal, greater accuracy through improved atomic clock technology, and a protected civilian L5 signal to aid commercial aviation and safety-of-life applications. According to Air Force officials, on-orbit testing shows that the L5 signal meets all requirements. Based on program plans, the signal will remain in development status, broadcasting test data until initial operational capability is declared. The Air Force will send a message about this to GPS users worldwide.

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