GPS Devices Assure Students Safety

Staying safe is the most important thing as students travel to and from school.

A GPS technology device is making things safer and helping school administrators come up with routing solutions.
Now, when students travel from home, to school and back again, it won’t be hard to tell where they are.

A GPS device makes that job much easier.

Once all of them are installed, Starkville School Administrators will be able to monitor bus drivers every move.
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“Allows us to aid in providing a safe environment for our children riding the buses, it monitors speed, research shows the number one indicator of bus accidents will be due to speeding,”? said Asst. Superintendent Walter Gonsoulin.

They can keep track of them by going on-line and following the lines on the screen, which tells them where they are and what speed they’re going.

“As you can see, that bus didn’t speed any, if it would have been speeding, it would have hopped up to red,” said a school leader.

The GPS Systems not only help the school district, they makes it easier for parents to locate their children.

“For example, the bus usually gets here at 3:30, but it’s about five minutes late, can you tell me what’s going on, we are already monitoring it, so we’re able to get on-line and tell them, well the bus has been held up by traffic,” Dr. Gonsoulin added.

The plan is to make sure all 55 buses have the device by the end of the week.
Each device costs about 560 dollars.

Being able to track the buses assures that fuel is cost efficient.