Google Earth New Version 5.2

New Version Of Desktop Application from Google Earth

On Monday Google announced the latest version of the Google Earth desktop application, Google Earth 5.2. This edition is bringing new features to both the free version, Google Earth, as well as our paid professional version, Google Earth Pro.

Visualize your hiking, biking, and running tracks

Google Earth is a great tool for viewing outdoor activities, whether it be hiking, running, biking, skiing, sailing, or just about any other way you choose to explore the world. With the release of Google Earth 5.0, Google added the ability to connect the GPS device directly to Google Earth and import track. Now, with Google Earth 5.2, Google has added the ability to view elevation, speed, and other data as a graph directly in Google Earth. Just connect your GPS device to upload your track, and select ?View Elevation Profile? from the menu. This will bring up elevation and speed graphs. If your GPS device records additional information such as heart rate or cadence, these will also be available to view in the graph. You can also see statistics such as total elevation, maximum slope, and average speed. You can select a portion of your ride and get statistics for just that section.