Garmin? Introduces the n?Link!? 1695 for Super-Sized Connected Navigation

Garmin? Introduces the n?Link!? 1695

Garmin announced the n?Link! 1695 ? a 5-inch touchscreen portable navigation device (PND) that connects drivers with relevant, online information from Garmin?s n?Link! service, including links to online information like Google? Local Search, traffic, weather, fuel prices, flight status, and other real-time, location-relevant content, plus it uses n?Route? technology with trafficTrends? and myTrends? to make your daily commute easier than ever. The U.S. version of the n?Link! 1695 comes with one year of free Garmin n?Link! services out-of-the-box, and is also the first device to offer the n?Link! Store where customers can purchase optional premium services.

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