Garmin G3X Experimental and LSA Glass Cockpit Adds Engine Sensors and Autopilot Interface

Garmin announced details for G3X engine information system (EIS) and integrated autopilot interface. The EIS and autopilot are designed specifically for the G3X and are an affordable way for experimental and light sport aircraft (LSA) pilots to bring Garmin integration and quality into their cockpit. The sensor kits are expected to be available for all popular Lycoming, Continental, Rotax, and Jabiru engines in February 2010.

The G3X is a non-TSO?d, fully-customizable glass cockpit for installation in experimental/kitbuilt and LSA. This announcement was made in conjunction with the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Florida, and the G3X system will be on display in the Garmin, Flight Design, Gobosh Aviation, Jabiru USA, and Tecnam exhibits.

The G3X is a customizable PFD/MFD combination that features one, two or three all-glass displays; magnetometer; ADAHRS (combined air data and AHRS unit) and engine monitoring. Thanks to its building block design, customers can create a high-performance panel that is tailored to their aircraft.

The added EIS software capability is expected to be available in February to all current G3X customers through a free software download. The G3X EIS software allows user customization of engine gauges, color bands, and audible/visual alerts, and supports the following sensor types:

  • RPM
  • Manifold pressure
  • Oil temperature and pressure
  • Coolant temperature and pressure
  • Fuel pressure
  • Up to six cylinder head temperature (CHT) inputs
  • Up to six exhaust gas temperature (EGT) inputs
  • Dual turbine inlet temperature
  • Carburetor temperature
  • Dual voltage inputs
  • Dual current measurements (shunt or Hall effect)
  • Fuel flow (single or differential)
  • Trim position (three-axis)
  • Flap position
  • Up to four discrete (contact closure) inputs
  • Up to four resistive fuel quantity inputs
  • Up to two capacitive fuel quantity inputs

To support EIS features, complete sensor kits for all popular Lycoming, Continental, Rotax, and Jabiru engines are expected to be available in February 2010.

In addition to gaining engine monitoring capabilities, G3X customers will also have the benefit of an integrated autopilot interface that brings tried, tested and proven G1000-like features to LSA and experimental aircraft owners. Customers who select the TruTrak GX Pilot autopilot, which has been designed to integrate seamlessly with the G3X, will enjoy advanced autopilot features that can be operated right from the PFD. Using controls and status indications derived from Garmin?s certified GFC 700, the G3X autopilot interface implements sophisticated flight control modes including altitude preselect and capture, heading hold, GPS navigation with turn anticipation, and coupled VNAV descents. When used in conjunction with a GNS 430W or 530W, the G3X can also fly coupled holding patterns, procedure turns, and WAAS approaches.

The basic G3X system is available at a starting street price of $9,995 and includes a GDU 370 glass display, GSU 73 ADAHRS and engine interface unit, GMU 44 magnetometer and GTP 59 air temperature probe. The G3X engine sensor kits for Lycoming, Continental, Rotax and Jabiru engines are sold separately. A software update that adds EIS and autopilot features is expected to be available for free from in February 2010. ?

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