Garmin? and MetriGear, adding cycling power to fitness

Garmin? acquires MetriGear and adding cycling power to fitness portfolio


Garmin announced on Tuesday, that it has acquired MetriGear, Inc., the creator of an innovative pedal-based power solution for cycling, as a new (…) component of its growing fitness division.

MetriGear is a Silicon Valley-based company devoted to creating game-changing solutions for improving athletic performance in cycling and other sports.

MetriGear earned ?Best of Show? accolades from multiple publications at Interbike 2009 upon the introduction of Vector?, a pedal-based power solution that integrates MetriGear?s custom force and motion sensor platform into the spindles of bicycle pedals to measure a cyclist?s performance. Vector is easy to move between bikes, it accurately measures power, and enables the independent measurement of pedal force for each leg.

?From the start, our vision has been to deliver an easy-to-own cycling power meter with unique capabilities,? said Clark Foy, CEO of MetriGear. ?Garmin?s world-class engineering, wireless, manufacturing expertise and their ability to deliver an end-to-end solution from sensors to displays will be instrumental in realizing this vision. We can?t imagine a more capable partner to bring Vector to market, and we are absolutely thrilled to join the Garmin team.?

Source: Garmin News

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