Garmin ZUMO 350LM


It’s been some time since release of a new model for bikers. But Garmin never disappoints. Although sometimes I think there are too many models when it comes to the choice for an average user. And it may take time lots of confusion, if you don’t have anybody to help you make that choice. Our staff at EAGLE GPS always welcome “new GPS users” and will do all possible to make this choice easier. Also we gladly answer your?questions?via e-mail:? and?online (write comments).

ZUMO 350LM: just looking at the pictures it reminds the zumo 550 which is an adorable device by many bikers who were not very keen to replace it with next model in the market – zumo 660. Well, that may change. You may really want to replace your old zumo 550 with the latest release. It is advertise as much?improvement?in sunlight-readability and toughness, partially thanks to the?coating on it (feeling of rubber). It’s thinner and smaller comparing to the previous models, although the screen is bigger than on zumo 550. I really wonder if the touch screen had been also improved. As it was quite a common “illness” for the zumo 550.

As the previous model, the zumo 350LM is glove-friendly and provide Bluetooth communication (voice prompts, phone calling, music listening). It?accepts?micro memory card, provides audio jack and mini USB communication port. It also helps you to keep records of bike?maintenance?(oil/spark plugs/tires changes, chain?cleaning, etc.). In box seems we can find all ready to go: mounts for motorcycle with power cable as well as automotive suction cup mount and power cable. The ZUMO 350LM should be?available?first in the United States from July. In Asia it is expected to be introduced to the market in September. Any questions, ideas, thoughts….let us know