Garmin Vehicle Tracking

GARMIN FLEET 590 – vehicle tracking!

Connect Your Fleet

From always-on vehicle tracking to advanced engine status detection and sophisticated driver behavior monitoring, the Garmin fleet 590 combines the necessities of fleet management with the simplicity of Garmin navigation.

Simple to install, use and maintain, the fleet 590 provides simple fleet connectivity ? so you can have your comprehensive fleet management solution in weeks rather than months. With built-in 3G cellular connectivity, tri-axis accelerometer, GPS receiver and more, fleet 590 provides everything you look for in an in-cab mobile data terminal.

The Portable Black Box

The fleet 590 integrates a black box, cable and antenna with our industry leading user-interface. The 5.0? touch display is optimal for limiting driver interaction and makes it easy to see driving-related information at a glance. The device also provides a fleet-friendly design the enables the flexibility to easily transfer from vehicle to vehicle. Since the fleet 590 is portable and does not require a direct hard-wiring to the vehicle, any professional installation costs or customer downtime is eliminated, allowing the driver to get back on the road.

Advanced Alert Management

Gather a wide range of alert data to correlate driver and vehicle behavior ? all done in a simple, non-intrusive manner

Continuous Asset Tracking

Know where your assets are at a moment?s notice ? advanced management tools track your fleet vehicle any time of day, even during non-business hours.

Engine Status Detection

Sophisticated detection of excessive engine idling improves your company?s fleet fuel efficiency?and saves you money.

Driver Behavior Detection

Score your driver?s safety characteristics by understanding potential causes of costly vehicle maintenance. Alerts include speeding, harsh breaking, jack-rabbiting, sharp turning and more.

Taken from Garmin International