Garmin Updates&Downloads – Training Center

Training Center SoftwareGarmin released Training Center software version 3.6.1 with ANT Agent 2.2.17

Changes made from version 3.5.3 to 3.6.1:

  • Updated Garmin Training Center(r) to use a more reliable open-source embedded database.
  • Provided robust mechanism for migrating legacy Training Center user accounts from both valid and corrupted bin files.
  • Re-engineered application to perform better with larger user data sets.
  • Allowed users to customize the first day of the week used in Training Center.
  • Added support for Power targets and durations in user workout steps.
  • Added ability to create workouts with repeat steps containing ‘repeat until’ targets.
  • Added Power related elements and bikes to the user profile.
  • Provided ability to sync user profile with FIT mass storage devices.
  • Users can now import FIT files directly using the File->Import interface.
  • Added ability to change the sport of activities and workouts from the user interface.
  • Replaced the rigid folder structure of the previous Training Center with a more user customizable design.
  • Training Center now has the auto-error reporting feature.
  • Provided more graceful handling for certain bad FIT files created by devices.
  • Fixed issue where workout schedule date was incorrect in certain time zones.
  • Added ability to import TCX workouts with Power targets having %FTP > 100%.

To download, visit Garmin International Support