Garmin Updates & Downloads – Oregon v.3.90

GPS Garmin Oregon (WebUpdater) software version 3.90

Change History
Changes made from version 3.80 to 3.90:

  • Added ability to set user declination direction
  • Added Automatic Shaded Relief option
  • Added brightness adjustments for BirdsEye imagery
  • Added Geocache filtering. Select Setup > Geocaches to add custom filters
  • Added multicaching support
  • Improved WAAS performance
  • Fixed elevation profiles to always use the most detailed DEM data loaded
  • Fixed issue with calculator % function
  • Fixed issue with map POI’s showing twice for a single point
  • Fixed issue with Oblique Mercator User grid
  • Fixed occasional shutdowns
  • Fixed spot sounding display on certain maps

To get this update use Garmin’s WebUpdater