Garmin Updates & Downloads – Dakota v.3.30

GPS Garmin Updates & Downloads – Dakota (WebUpdater) software version 3.30

WebUpdater is required to install this file ? What is this?

Change History
Some of the? changes made from version 3.10 to 3.30:

  • Added ability to move waypoints using the map
  • Added ability to set user declination direction
  • Added Automatic Shaded Relief option
  • Added brightness adjustments for BirdsEye imagery
  • Added display color to track gpx files
  • Added Geocache filtering. Select Setup > Geocaches to add custom filters
  • Added import indicator for gpx files
  • Added multicaching support
  • Added periodic track archiving
  • Added track review page improvements
  • Updated map review of tracks and routes. The distance shown is now the distance along the route or track.

Source: Garmin International