Garmin Training Center? Software for Windows or Mac OS

Garmin Training Center? Software

Track and analyze your fitness activities with Garmin Training Center. Use it to review activity history as well as create workouts and send them to your Garmin fitness device.

Garmin Training Center is compatible with all Garmin fitness devices. It operates directly on your computer, not on the Internet.




  • Review pace/speed, distance, time and calories burned.
  • If available, review heart rate, cadence and detailed elevation.
  • View a detailed graph of your activity, plotted over time or distance.
  • View a map of your activity that shows the exact path you traveled. (Maps not available with non-GPS devices.)
  • Categorize your activity history by type.
  • Review previous activities (saved by day and week).
  • Create customized workouts with specific goals and rest intervals. Then send them to your fitness device (supported devices).
  • Schedule workouts for a specific day with the built-in calendar.
  • Export your data to Google? Earth.
  • Create or edit a course from an activity, and then add reference points along the course for next time.
  • Manually export your data to Garmin Connect? and share with other users across the world.

How to install:

  1. Download Training Center or Training Center with ANT+ for Windows or Mac (see link below).
  2. Save the file to your computer.
  3. Locate the saved file and open it.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to install.


Source: Garmin International

Download for Windows? or Mac OS? – Direct link to Garmin International Download Website