Garmin Thailand announced new model – Driving Recorder GDR 190

New model announced – Garmin Driving Recorder GDR 190

GDR 190 use F2.0 large aperture lens with high-sensitive lighting, increase the amount of light at night allowing you to capture pictures of the night with low noise for clearer images. Beyond the industry’s level of true 200° ultra-wide angle, producing images without distortion even on both sides of the road traffic.

Built-in GPS function
Real-time traffic video records, maps, tracks, coordinates, time and speed, and this information can be applied to the PC TOOL image file management software, a complete record.

Built-in 1500mAh Battery, up to 90 mins. working time
Even if it encountered emergency power, accident record and archives will not be interrupted.

G-sensor Spontaneous sensing image automatically protected
Built-In G sensor?if it detects vibrations, collision and emergency brake during driving?The system will automatically start the G sensor collision sensors trigger an emergency recording, to ensure that the event does not replicate intact.

Support SDHC memory card
Use microSD card?compatible SDHC specification?up to 32GB.

Foldable 3″ screen
3.0-inch screen can keep abreast of the situation while recording broadcast side, clearly and instantly watch the shooting screen.

FCWS Warning
The FCWS (front collision warning system) gathers speed information using GPS and is activated whenever the vehicle’s speed exceeds 40 km/hr. It also detects its distance from the front vehicle and warns the driver when approaching too close.

Parking Recording Mode
The GDR will turn on its motion detection mode and begin recording whenever it detects movement in front of the camera or senses collisions. The recording time will be extended for as long as the movement is detected. NOTE: requires GDR Dedicated Power Supply Cable.

Main features:
Dimensions: 10× 8.2 × 3.1 cm
Weight: 185g
GPS: Yes
Screen: 3″ TFT LCD
Camera: f/2.0
Degree: Diagonal viewing angle of 204 degrees (horizontal viewing angle: 200 degrees)
Sensor: 3M, 1/3″, CMOS
Frame rate: 30 FPS
Video format: AVI (H.264 compression technology)
Gravity sensor: Yes. Three sections of the collision sensor sensitivity setting
Battery: 1500mAh. Record time 1.5 hours
Microphone: Yes
Speaker: Yes
Memory card slot: microSD, Compatible SDHC (8GB Class6 memory card or above is recommended)

Recording mode:
Driving Mode: HD (1920 x 1080 pixel) 30fps, Single file 256MB, Record time 2min. 50 Sec. (Approximately 1.5 hrs.)
Parking Mode: HD (1920×1080 pixel) 30fps, Single file 50MB, Record time approximately 30 sec.
Note: GDR 190 has the actual recording visual range of 1920×720 pixels

Temperature: 0 to 60 degrees Celsius