Garmin Thailand new map release – v.11.1

GARMIN Thailand Street Map version 11.1 due on 27th April, 2011 – TODAY!!!

The latest map includes several enhancements such as:

  • Update 720,000 km. of road data.
  • Update 590,000 points of interest (POIs).
  • Update 900 Junction Views with 37 Complex Junction Views in Bangkok (for compatible devices only). Extra!!! Add 120 Junction Views in Chiang Mai city.
  • Support intersection searching (for compatible devices only).
  • Support text-to-speech (TTS) (for compatible devices only).
  • Add up to 200 3-D buildings in Bangkok and update terrain view for provinces (for compatible devices only).
  • Add and update more than 3,000 CDG Guide data** including categories such as lodging, shopping, attractions, and restaurants.
  • Support searching for car parking lots (for compatible devices only).
  • Update 133,000 telephone numbers (navigable).
  • Support automatic Thai/English map switching or dual map (for compatible devices only).
  • Update more than 5,500 building entry points (Multi-Entry gate).
  • Support traffic report* (for compatible devices only).
  • Update Lane Info for Greater Bangkok and major cities in Thailand.

* Coverage area and service’s period, quality, and accuracy of traffic report depends on service provider. The company is not responsible for the information in any case.
** The display might be different depended on Garmin models.

Note : the numbers shown above are estimation only.

Source: ESRI (Thailand)