Garmin Fenix 5 review

The best GPS watch for adventurers in 2017

When looking for an excellent sports watch, hardly do sleek and elegant designs come with functionality and modern outdoor and multisport features. However, the release of the Garmin Fenix 5 has proven that there can be an exception to this rule. Boasting custom Connect IQ as well as advanced smartwatch possibilities in an elegant and classy design, this watch is truly living up to the vibe.

Even better is the fact that the watch comes in a range of styles, shapes, and sizes to fit every need of a watch geek. And with all the convenience features of a modern smartwatch, it is something every man or woman living in this fast-paced life can find resourceful. Read on through this Garmin Fenix 5 Review, for more insight on this trendy gadget.

What’s In The Box?

This smartwatch comes with a screen protector as one of the accessories. The Skinomi TechSkin Full Coverage Screen Protector is a pleasant adds on to those who wish to give their newly- acquired Fenix 5 a head start in terms of screen protection from physical abrasion and mechanical damage. The laser cutting technology with which the screen protector is designed is responsible for the watch’s safety and its flexibility ensures the watch is protected despite its curved features.

There is also the Garmin Fenix 5 – Slate Gray with Black Band. The band has not yet been released but buyers can pre-order so it is delivered to them as soon as it arrives.


garmin fenix5 2The size of this watch is nearly the same as that of the Fenix 3 HR. It also comes out as slightly larger than the Fenix 5S but quite lacks the bulk of the 5X. However, the smartwatch still features a degree of compactness anyone would be looking for in a sports watch.

The band is changeable, even though it lacks the sued option that the 5S comes with. This means it doesn’t blend as well as the smaller models when used in everyday life but when used on the trail or in water, this hostile and rugged feature makes it just the right watch.


Compact Design

The fact that the watch comes with multiple functions does not mean the manufacturers did not give due consideration to the design. On the contrary, the compact and rugged design makes it just the right watch to use out on the trails. The design is not only favored for its aesthetics but also because it remains light on the wearer hence less of a distraction.

One other notable feature as far as design is concerned is the Quick Fit Bands that have a 22mm circumference.

Maximum Screen Resolution

fenix5 2When you are out on the trails and drenched in sweat, you probably need a sportswatch with a screen that enables you to read the time without having to strain your eyes. Apparently, the 240 X240 pixel screen resolution is probably the best a sports watch of this caliber could have.

In addition to screen protection, the watch also boasts water resistance of up to 10ATM/100 Meters so you can basically train with it underwater or in highly misty conditions and still find it useful.

Long Battery Life

The watch comes with a relatively longer battery life, which means you can go ahead with your training while keeping track of time so you do not become disoriented and mess up your training session.

In GPS mode, the battery can last up to 24 hours while smart watch mode, it can last up to a whopping 19 days.

Mapping Support

The watch also comes with basic mapping support features built in. Should you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, features such as track logs and saved locations will go a long way in helping you regain your bearing.

You may also use its built-in altimeter to find out the altitudinal range in which you are training, use the barometer to find out the air pressure of your atmosphere or use the 3-axis compass to basically find your geographical location in relation to the Cardinal points of the compass.

Holistic Approach To Health

fenix5 3The Garmin Fenix 5 is one of the few utility sports watches we have today because aside from offering the basic functionalities of time, the watch enables the user to monitor other crucial aspects of their health. Those with issues monitoring their heart rate can find help from the watch’s 24/7 support. The watch also enables you to monitor your sleep as well as your total daily active minutes.

Even better, the watch enables you to monitor even better aspects of your life such as cadence and oxygen levels. This is achieved through its pairing with the ANT+ sensors.


The ultimate test of a sports watch is measured in how long it can last as it is only then that the user can get maximum value for money.

With stainless steel buttons, bezel and rear case, the Fenix 5 is highly resistant to scratching and mild abrasions, hence is fairly long-lasting.

Preloaded Activity Profiles

Are you the kind of an athlete who’s bogged down by the demands of time during your training session? Fear not for with the Garmin Fenix 5, you have preloaded activity profiles.

The profiles enable you to determine the order of priorities in which the activities ought to be done so you do not excel in one area of your training at the expense of others.

fenix5 4Other Features

  • 47 mm Face Size
  • 1.2’’ Display Size
  • BlueTooth Low Energy, ANT +
  • Connect IQ Personalization
  • Automatic Uploads to Garmin Connect


  • Supports various mapping options
  • The screen is easy to read
  • The navigation is user-friendly
  • It is durable and rugged for various sports
  • There is no need of a chest strap as it comes built with optical heart rate sensor


  • Those who love the larger sizes will not find this watch ideal and will instead opt for other models such as the 5X
  • It does not show actual maps
  • It has no music control capabilities
  • For those not using all the features, it is a little pricey


The Garmin Fenix 5 is a must-have watch for sportsmen or adventurers who’re looking for a touch of class and style. The watch does not only come with convenience features ideal for sports and outdoor adventures but also comes with extras for those simply looking to stand out and make a fashion statement.

Its price is relatively higher but considering all it offers, we can safely admit it offers a good return for the money.


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