Garmin Connect: Google Earth View

A few weeks ago, we posted a Garmin Connect update that introduced a few new features, including the Google Earth View in the map on the Details page. Today we’re going to focus on why this is such a unique feature and go over the controls so you can get the most out of this exciting new tool. For starters, you can switch to the new view on your Details page for each activity by clicking the “Earth” button on the map.
As with other map tools, the Google Earth View has a great zoom tool. Use the +/- bar on the left of the map to get a closer view, or simply double click the map for a quick zoom. You can also zoom in and out with the scroll control on your mouse.
The top button allows you to spin and change the directional layout of the map. You can direct changes by clicking and holding the “N” or by pressing and holding the arrows pointing east and west. The arrows pointing north and south on this control allow you to set the map to view at street level. Using this feature will allow you to see any buildings and mountainous terrain that have been added to Google Earth. The middle control allows you to pan NSEW. One thing to note about all of the controls is that clicking or pressing closer to the center will enable you to make small movements on the map, while clicking or pressing on the outer edges allows for larger movements and changes to the map view. We are excited to offer the Google Earth View right on the Details page. It makes it easier to view your activity in Google Earth since you don’t have to use the Export feature. And, you can view it while you analyze the rest of your metrics.