Garmin BaseCamp updated

Garmin updated BaseCamp – v.4.0.1

Some of the features:

  • Added Garmin Adventures, including; authoring, publishing, online search, downloading, playback, and transfer to supporting devices.
  • Added a Photo Dialog to view geotagged photos in BaseCamp.
  • Added ability to filter tracks by time, distance, or number of points.
  • Added arrival, departure, and layover times for route via-points.
  • Added a context menu on the map for the hand and selection tools.
  • Added support for waypoint creation date, which will not be changed when updating the waypoint.
  • Added a list in the waypoint properties dialog to display which routes a waypoint is used in.
  • Added support for temperature and pressure in track statistics and graphs.
To read more, visit Garmin International, or go directly to the download site: 1. For Mac 2. Windows