Garmin BaseCamp updated

Garmin Updates BaseCamp for Windows and Mac

Changes made from the previous version:

  • Fixed an issue where BaseCamp was not responding if a certain GPI file (006D135900.GPI) was present on the device.
  • Fixed an issue where BaseCamp did not seem to recognize some MTP devices (it was taking several minutes for BaseCamp to display the device). Device detection of such devices should now be much faster.
  • Fixed an issue with Garmin cloud where syncing between Mac and PC would not work properly.
  • Fixed an issue with ‘Restore from Previous Version’.
  • Fixed an issue where using the city finder (in the Find Options ‘Location’ textbox) would lead to a crash if the map did not support city searches.
  • Fixed an issue with city search on the Global Map.
  • Fixed an issue with user data search.
  • Fixed a start-up issue.

Taken from Garmin International Support

To download for Windows click here,? To download for Mac click here