Firmware update for n?vi

The new firmware for n?vi 203, 205, 205W and 215W Thai that fixes the search with “near…” function issue with TSM v.10 map has now been released for downloading. (For n?vi 215W, the new firmware comes with the new version of junction view too).

Warning: For users of n?vi 215W Thai who still run TSM v.9, please don’t upgrade your unit to the new firmware because it will cause the junction view that using with TSM v.9 to disappear. Each junction view is tied to particular map version and isn’t compatible with other map versions.

To check the firmware version of your unit tap Tools > Settings > System > About.

To download firmware for your unit, sign-in at before proceeding to the firmware download page.

Firmware Updating Process:

*Warning: Before update the new firmware, please make sure that there is more than half of the battery power left on your unit.

Connect nuvi to your computer via mini USB type A cable (the cable is widely available at your local IT stores).
nuvi Thai will enter the USB Mass Strorage mode and display nuvi drive.
Double clicks on the downloaded file, the screen will show WinZip Self- Extractor program.
Click the Browse button and select nuvi drive.? Then click OK.
Click the Unzip button, the program will unzip the file and copy the data to nuvi drive.? Please wait until the process is finished.
When the process is done, there will be a pop-up window shows (..) file(s) unzipped successfully.? Click OK .
Click the Close button to close Winzip program.
Stop the connection between your nuvi and the computer.
nuvi Thai will automatically update the firmware.
Please wait until your nuvi enters the main menu (if there is any message shown, tap OK ).
Turn off the nuvi and then turn it on again to finish the firmware updating process.