eTrex 10

In an increasingly advanced and tech savvy world, eTrex 10 Garmin Handheld Device steps in as a savior. The neatly designed handheld worldwide GPS unit offers much to consumers from varied spectrum of life. Since the revolution of global positioning systems, companies have worked assiduously at developing the most accurate and user friendly tools for varied tasks. The eTrex 10 allows for individuals to engage in tasks including geocaching, advanced navigation, for simple and advanced duties, all on a device that has impeccable user interface making it very easy to use. Roughly the size of an adult human hand, with a screen of 2.2 inches tall, the eTrex 10 presents with a monochrome display. The device can be customized and allows for great exploration and extended uses due to its excellent battery life and water proofing to IPX7 standards.? Being another in the line of improved handheld devices by Garmin, eTrex 10 GPS unit uses a mini-USB cable and has GPS + GLONASS support faster and more?precise?position readings.
On the contrary, apart from the monochromatic resolution display, eTrex 10 falls short of perfection due to its inability to display maps on screen and its provision of only limited memory. Nonetheless, customer and expert reviews indicate that the device is an excellent one and is highly recommended for geocacher and also basic navigation. All these characteristics and great potential are boxed in and presented at a seemingly very affordable and accessible price.
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