ESRI target software violation and piracy

ESRI (Thailand), a company in CDG Corporation, the leader in GIS service and the sole distributor of Garmin product in Thailand, will get serious about map information software violation and piracy starting from the department store and internet and warn the consumers to check for genuine software.

A report said that ESRI has been receiving a lot of complaints from GPS users on the bad quality of the software and after-sale service from some retailers in the department stores and from the internet. This creates dissatisfaction for the users and problems when using the GPS device.

ESRI provides the map information services by having the field surveying teams to accurately create the quality map information that response to consumer?s needs. The company is trusted by many businesses and the government agencies, especially the feedback on Garmin GPS devices including PND. The company also hold 80% of automobile OEM equipments by having the contracts with major manufacturers like Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and Isuzu.

Source: Thairath, 7 September 2009