Car theft: Police to write to owners to install safety devices

New Delhi, Oct 6 The rising number of autolifting cases in the national capital has prompted the police to write to lakhs of car owners in the city to install safety devices in their vehicles.

“We are going to write to each and every car owner in the city requesting them to put at least a clutch-lock if they do not want to put GPS system,” Delhi Police Commissioner Y S Dadwal told reporters here.
Police will also provide the owners with telephone numbers of dealers of safety devices in their area.
Dadwal said police alone cannot prevent vehicle thefts as there is a large number of vehicles in the city.” People has to invest some money in this. It is not possible for police alone to prevent such incidents,”he said.
According to statistics, 5,432 vehicles were stolen from the capital till June 30 this year as against 4,905 during the same period last year. In 2008, a total of 11,020 vehicles were stolen while the figure for 2007 was 8,863.
Out of the 5,432 cases reported this year till June 30, only 850 cases could be solved.
A senior police official said the main reasons behind vehicle theft are the non-availability of parking places in residential areas, the indifference of owners and their”police may care”attitude.