Another GPS app for iPhone – Mapquest

iPhone only: Mapquest Navigator is a new turn-by-turn application for the iPhone that brings GPS to your phone on a budget. The question is: When will Google Maps do the same?

The application costs $1 in the App Store, which buys you a 14-day trial. If you decide you like the app and want to continue using it once those 14 days are up, MapQuest Navigator requires you pay subscription pricing: $4/month, $10/quarter, or $30/year(…)

MapQuest Navigator is far from the first turn-by-turn GPS in the App Store, but it is one of the least expensive for the feature set it offers (though you can’t get any cheaper than previously mentioned Waze’s free offering). All the maps and directions come over your data connection, which means it’s a light download and generally will have up-to-date points of interest, but if you’ve got a bad data connection you may be better off opting for one of the offline GPS apps like Navigon or TomTom.

Still, the most interesting thing about MapQuest releasing a GPS app: It makes one wonder just how long it’ll be before Google offers their own (presumably free) turn-by-turn GPS app. We know Google can do text-to-speech (hell, they’re even great at speech-to-text), and now that they’re tracking traffic conditions for freeways, highways, and major streets, it seems like a natural progression. On top of that, I’ve tested a lot of turn-by-turn GPS apps, and Google Maps is still the app that does the best job of locating me quickly and accurately on a map.

MapQuest Navigator is currently available for the iPhone only.