Xiaomi Band 3 Review; Does it outsmart its Predecessor? Find out!

Mi Band 3
Mi Band 3

Finally, it’s here. After two years of selling the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, the company has finally, and officially, released its next-gen budget Xiaomi’s Band 3 fitness tracker. This release also brings to end speculations that have been around for a couple of weeks about how the new Xiaomi 3 fitness band will look and what it packs in.

So, what is it actually packing in, and how does it fair better over the previous version? Well, stick around to find out all the juicy details you might need to know about this band. From the design to the features, the performance and price as well, it’s all here. Read on to find out what this band is all about before setting out to get your piece!


Mi Band 3
Mi Band 3

First up, the new band comes in three colors, blue, red, and black. Another notable thing is that when it comes to the display, this band doesn’t displace the previous one with much. A new strap design is also something worth a hard look. Xiaomi is out to push the limits with this band and step out of
the ordinary. It brings onboard a super slim and stylish wearable. The screen size is a bit larger, and a screen covering the entire band gives it a quite realistic appearance. Above all, this new band is built for comfort on your wrist.

The display

Another thing, the display is located in an ideal position where users can view several features as would in a smart-watch. These range from alarm clocks to weather forecasts, Caller ID as well as messages. Above all, users will be able to turn off these notifications using the touchscreen.

Talking about the display, this fitness band comes with a 0.78-inch OLED display. This means it boasts a lift from the 0.42” screen in the Band 2. And the resolution is quite impressive too. At 128 x 80 pixels, you will have a quite detailed display on your side for easy use. Remember, the fitness band features a full touchscreen.


Mi Band 3 review
Mi Band 3

For swimmers, the new band comes with something exciting for you too. Thanks to the 5ATM waterproof body, it will be able to stand water depth up to 50 meters. This feature levels up with Versa, Iconic and Fitbit’s Flex 2 watches that feature such incredible waterproofing capabilities.


Users will still be able to view data from its inbuilt heart rate monitoring and information on step counts. Not forgetting, a raise-to-walk feature is also on tow to give you a reminder if you have been sitting too long. And when it comes to the battery life, you will not have something more than what the predecessor could offer. This fitness tracker’s 110-mAh battery comes with a 20-day service as the older one. It’s rather interesting that Xiaomi didn’t make to get the juice to go for a 30-day period as the case with its sub-brand Huami’s Amazfit Bip.

A smart unlocking system is something more to reckon with when it comes to ease of use. The previous fitness band packed in some of these features with the smart unlock on apps. And the Band 3 is taking this aspect as serious too. The other interesting thing you can expect to find on this band is the NFC chip. This one goes a long way to making wireless payments a breeze. Just another great addition to a band that already packs in all it takes to blow you away.

An auto detecting performance

Mi Band 3
Mi Band 3

When it comes to auto counting steps and tracking of steps during a workout, this fitness tracker has your needs covered too. The sensors in this band will help it kick into action right when you start your workout, so you do not have to worry about forgetting to turn it on beforehand.

And there’s more

Having problems enabling the always-on heart rate monitor? Not to worry! You can always get more of it by installing a Mi Band’s Notify & Fitness app from the play store. With this onboard, you will be able to enable the always-on heart rate monitor on your fitness band. And that’s not the only thing you will be able to achieve. This app can also go a long way to ensuring you can enable many other features too.

Most importantly, it’s crucial to note that this is not the only app this fitness tracker can support. You can make the most out of many other apps it packs up its sleeve too. And a user-friendly interface will be handy when it comes to signing up for several apps.

The price

Perhaps the most essential aspect to look into by far is the budget you should set aside to get one. The good thing is that you won’t have to spend an arm to land this fitness tracker. It’s going for a mere 169 Yuan, or $26. This resonates with Xiaomi’s legend of budget wearable devices, so you can make the most out of the ultra-low price point too. But if you want the version with the NFC, you might need to dig deeper into your pocket. This version’s tag sits at 179 Yuan ($30), which is worth fronting the additional cost.

Final verdict

This fitness tracker will be available in China at first. It’s yet unclear when it will make its entry into the international market. But from the looks of it, it will be only a matter of time before it goes international. It comes with something everyone who is conscious of his or her fitness can look forward to. Whether you are working out or in the office, you will always find it useful in one way or the other. And the variety of colors means it has something for everyone too.

Apparently, you can count on this wearable fitness band for more than just the looks. It all boils down to the perfect design and the wide array of impressive features that it comes with for easy use and efficiency. It is undeniable that the new gen of fitness trackers comes with some aspects similar to its predecessor, but it clearly has more to offer. You have to try it to believe it!