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Will the Garminfone sync with Outlook?

A really short answer to this question is YES. The Garminfone has on-device sync with Microsoft Exchange for Outlook email. If you’re using a personal, non-enterprise version of Outlook, you can sync your email by first downloading the free sync software from the GarminAsus.com website. If you’re on your company’s enterprise server, you will need to contact your network administrator to obtain the necessary information about your network prior to being able to sync your Outlook email, contacts and calendar.

Source: Ask Garmin

Sync your Garminfone and iTunes

Garminfone and iTunes

Want to port your iTunes library into your Garminfone so that you can listen to your favorite tunes on the go? Whether you’re using a Windows-based computer or Mac, it’s possible. And even better than that, it’s quick and easy to do. The “iTunes Agent” for Windows users and “iTuneMyWalkman” for Mac users is all you’ll need. Here’s the step-by-step process for Windows-based computers.

1. Download and install iTunes Agent (or iTuneMyWalkman if on a Mac). You’ll now see it in the system tray.
2. Plug the Garminfone into your computer’s USB port and select transfer files
3. Create a folder in the Garminfone called Music

Next, you’ll need to configure iTunes. Learn how to do that here so that you can successful transfer your files to your Garminfone.

Source: Garmin Blog

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